Demonic Symphony – Scene 015

Derek heard the sound of screeching tires and then jumped backwards as a white pickup truck skidded up in front of him and almost went down the ravine too.

There was silence for a beat, except for the sound of rocks tumbling down the cliff, and then the driver poked his head out “Woah! Nice trick love!” he bellowed, “Need a lift?”

Derek saw Laurie running up, agreeing and offering thanks, and he decided to cut her off and take the passenger’s seat himself; he could smell whiskey on the man’s breath and he didn’t trust him with a young girl.

Laurie shot him a look and climbed into the back of the pickup truck, it probably wouldn’t be very comfortable back there, but it was only for a few minutes and it might be better than riding up front with a huge man who had been drinking.

Derek decided he had been right about that almost immediately; almost as soon as he had closed the door the pickup’s wheels started spinning and it lurched backwards onto the road. Derek slammed his seat belt on in wide-eyed terror, which the man saw and laughed great booming laughs at, “Don’t worry man! You’re with Sammy now!”

The wheels started spinning again and the truck hurtled down the road. Sammy thumbed the radio and something loud and insane filled the cockpit.

Derek gripped the edges of the seat; he was sure that they were already past the speed limit, and he noticed that the road ahead seemed to consist entirely of tight bends.

I’m going to die, he decided with ice cold clarity.

Sammy somehow took the truck around the bends; he brought the car round at the very edge of the road, but somehow all four wheels stayed grounded.

The truck barrelled down a steep incline. “Hey man!” Sammy bellowed, “What’s your name?”

Derek told him; there didn’t seem to be much point in keeping secrets now.

“Well Derek! This is my Favourite part!”

Derek forced himself to look at the rapidly shrinking road. Someone had removed the safety barrier on the next turn, and built an earth ramp there.

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