Demonic Symphony – Scene 007

Derek almost had to drag himself up the steps when he got to work. He had had a very bad evening so far. His daughter had somehow managed to acquire a second nerf gun and when he dodged the traditional wakeup bullet he had found himself stepping right into the path of the second one. Then as he had been driving to work his car had suddenly decided to stop working for absolutely no reason. Finally, as he walked round the last corner, the building right next to him had exploded and ruined a perfectly good suit with hot ash.

All in all Derek was in a bad mood when he finally got to work, and his mood wasn’t improved by the news the chief wanted to see him. Derek had been working long enough to know that it was probably just that Chief had a job for him, but somewhere in his frequently persecuted soul a little version of Derek ran in little circles and screamed about punishments for crimes real and imaginary.

With no other option, Derek went to visit Chief.

Laurie was already chatting with Chief when Derek walked into the room.

“Ah, Derek!” said Chief warmly, rising from his chair and shaking his hand. “I’m glad to see you made it; I was worried that you had been caught in that explosion down the road.”

Derek nodded and sat down, Chief chuckled; Derek wasn’t sure what about.

“Well I suppose it doesn’t really matter. I have a job for the two of you; I think you’ll find this fun. Derek, if I’m right about we’re that ash on your suit came from then I bet you’ll find this interesting”

Derek had a bad feeling that he was going to regret hearing those words; five minutes later he knew he had been right.

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