Demonic Symphony – Scene 088

Laurie hit the ground hard, and broke the chair into lots of little pieces.

She surged back into life and jumped back to her feet. She ran in the direction she came; trying to get under the cover of the window sill.

There were furious voices above her and the sound of a gunshot, but if they had wanted to shoot her then they wouldn’t have tied her up.

Laurie hit the wall and rubbed her face down. The blindfold didn’t come off but it shifted away from one eye. There was a broken piece of wood between the ties on her hands, and a piece of wood tied to both ankles.

Laurie felt like laughing, so she did. She wished she could have seen the looks on her guards face’s as she went through that window. Still laughing, she looked around for some way to get back inside the building; she needed a weapon if she was going to escape.

Men that were flying like Mckingle streaked around the building and towards her. Looking like a hyper aggressive neon rainbow.

Laurie was loving the thrill of the chase. She grinned, winked at the men, and dove through an open window.

Someone shrieked from behind a shower curtain.

Laurie ignored it and crossed the room with a few strides. She opened the door by kicking it; causing the former chair leg to bite into her heel

The corridor beyond was empty and cold.

Laurie smiled and stood up straighter. A corridor was just what she was looking for.

Someone had left a door open two doors down from her.

Happy with her good luck, Laurie grinned and ducked inside.

She shut the door and listened to the sound of the Mckingle men flying past; trying to find a door that had been kicked in.

Laurie stifled a giggle as the last one went past, and turned around.

It looked like it must have been the garage. But it was empty now, and from the look of it, it had been a few years since it had been fit to take a vehicle. There were some old oil drums against one of the walls and they had sharp edges.

Laurie was glad to have the opportunity to get rid of her ties. She skipped across the garage and started rubbing the ties behind her back against the edge of one of the barrels.

The ropes broke and the piece of wood clattered to the floor.

Laurie laughed and striped off the rest of her ropes. She held them up and wondered what she was going to do with them when she noticed that some of the barrels still had oil in them.

The door to the garage was still open when one of the men flew in and noticed Laurie holding up a piece of rope.

Laurie narrowed her eyes and looked at the rope. ‘Hmmm’, she thought ‘They confiscated my lighter, so how do I handle this?’

A neon blue blast of light shot past her; setting one end of the rope on fire.

Laurie was happy with that. “Thanks” she yelled to the man; who was calling for his friends. She dropped the unlit end into a barrel of oil and then ran for her life

She reached the door of the corridor, ducked under another blue bolt, and slipped inside.

There was an earth shattering kaboom from the other side of the door.

‘Well that was fun’ thought Laurie, as she ran down the corridor, ‘Now I wonder if I can find their armoury’

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