Demonic Symphony – Scene 005

Derek hated talking to Casper. He didn’t like any aspect of his job a whole lot, but talking with Casper had to be the worst. Still it was definitely necessary; Casper was the only one who knew how to work with the containment crystals, and they would need to know where the kid behind the demon was if they were going to get him help and stop him from forming another one.

Derek had walked half way down the corridor to Casper’s lab when it occurred to him that he was doing it again; he was confusing the organization’s goals with his own.

Chief would care if they tracked the kid down; after all it was his job to make sure that the organization kept running normally.

Lenard might care if they tracked the kid down; after all it was his job to treat the kid when they found him.

Casper might care, maybe; after all he would want to know that his machine was still working.

Derek didn’t care; he was a field agent; it was his job to go and capture the Demons, not to deal with them afterwards.

He made an excuse and sent Laurie on ahead of him. Then he turned around, planning to see if Tony was back from his away mission and could have a chat before he clocked out when Laurie got back. He rounded a corner and ran into the only person he tried to avoid almost as much as Casper.

“Ha! Good morning neighbour!” exclaimed Lenard, and he really did exclaim; Lenard was a man who really justified the use of the exclamation mark.

“Good morning” Derek muttered, trying to ease around him in the hallway.

Lenard stopped him, “Now I won’t have you running off! How was the night shift?!”


“Ha, ha! Fantastic!”

“Yeah, look; it’s been a long night and I would really like to get home so if you would just move?”

“I wouldn’t dream of stopping you!”

“Thanks” He stepped to one side and started walking down the hallway.

“No problem! Hey, you going to the annual company picnic on Saturday?!”

Derek stumbled as though someone had tied his shoelaces together. “What Picnic? We don’t have an annual picnic; we barely even have a company.”

“Well we do now! I talked to chief and got it all set up! Will I see you there?! I won’t hear no as an answer!”


“I won’t hear it! I already sent the information through to Christine! I’ll see you there” and with that he turned and walked away.

Derek walked away as well; fuming like a chimney. A Company picnic; what a stupid idea! How many staff did they have total, ten at most! He counted on his fingers; there were the three field teams; that’s six people, plus Chief, and Herbert, if he counts; that’s eight. Casper and the fuckwit Lenard makes ten.

Ten staff, thought Derek, what the hell is the point of doing a picnic with those numbers?

Still, he thought, if Lenard really had sent the information to his wife then Derek though he was probably going to be right about him being there; he was sure that Christine would think a picnic would be a great idea. Silly woman.

Derek rubbed his head. I spend all night fighting demons, he thought, and then I go home and do exactly the same thing.

Smiling a little at the thought of Lenard trying to convince Casper to leave his lab, Derek prepared to go home.

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