Demonic Symphony – Scene 051

Laurie saw Derek jump back and bite his tongue; so she knew what to expect. She put her back against the wall and walked along it with her eyes on the door that Derek was staring at; and sure enough she found the sister; standing slightly closer to the door than was really necessary.

Laurie was glad they had found her.

The sister flashed her eyes and held up a thick folder. “You want the files on Ernest Mckingle” She said. Laurie noticed that she hadn’t bothered to ask them.

Derek didn’t seem to want to move; but Laurie knew that they might not have long before the sister simply put the files away. She reached out her hand towards the file; and realized that Derek was watching her hand as it moved; she wished he would stop; it was making her nervous.

Laurie took the file and lifted it out of the sister’s hand. She didn’t bother to check the contents; it might have just been Derek’s influence, but she suddenly wanted to be out of the building.

Laurie smiled at the nun; and realized that Derek had started backing away without her. She moved to keep up with him, and the sister glided noiselessly after them.

Of all the things that she had seen that night the most disturbing was yet to come.

As she passed another room she caught sight of a picture that stopped her in her tracks, “Reverend Sammy?” she wondered aloud.

The sister stood uncomfortably close behind her, “My son” she said. Laurie nodded; adding this knowledge to her personal files. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Derek stiffen up and start walking to the door like a tin soldier; and she remembered whose car they had destroyed in the desert.

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