Demonic Symphony – Scene 009

Derek was standing on the pavement staring at the burning ruin within five minutes. He rubbed his eyes and yawned; unlike Laurie he was not a night person.

He wasn’t the only person there, the explosion and following fire had drawn a huge crowd which was making it very difficult for the fire brigade to get through.

This is pointless, he thought, there’s no evidence here, there isn’t even a building anymore.

He sighed deeply. I better look anyway, he thought, If Laurie finds something I missed then I’ll look like an idiot.

He organized his thoughts and looked at the blaze in front of him, what is the important thing here?

They were targeted.

Yes, the buildings next to the destroyed one were all untouched; the Demon had been sent to destroy this one specifically.

The next question was why? Money probably, Derek rubbed his eyes; he hated living in a world where people would kill each other over money. No, stop, you’re jumping to conclusions, go back. Why? Something they were doing upset some dangerous people, what were they doing? That was when Derek realized that he didn’t even know the name of the former building he was standing in front of. I never signed up to be a detective, he thought.

He looked up at the building, but of course there were no signs left on it. He started looking up and down the chain fence around the blaze, but there was nothing on it. He was trying to think of some other way to get the information, while cursing himself for managing to drive past the building everyday and never notice the name, when someone said something that cut across his thoughts and made him feel a good lot better than he had for the last few days.

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