Demonic Symphony

Demonic Symphony

Demonic Symphony

Demonic Symphony was my second book, and it’s a bit of a lesson in not getting too cocky.

Demonic Symphony, for me, feels a bit like Frankenstein’s monster; if you look closely you might notice that one third of the way through the book I broke off writing for a month to go volunteer at a ski lodge half way down the country, and then when I got back I couldn’t really remember who the characters were or what their motivations were.

You might also notice that two thirds of the way through the book I started writing using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and the entire nature of the writing changed.

All in all I expected to have a truly awful book when I finished writing, but to my surprise it worked out kind of all right; I guess mistakes that are obvious when you’re writing them aren’t quite as obvious when you’re reading them. Overal I think that there are actually some quite nice parts in this book, even if the midsection is frankly kind of weak.

I learnt a lot from writing this book, and you can expect a full postmortem very soon, but for now let’s see the blurb.

In the history of demonology.  There is one crime that trumps all others.  That crime is deliberately torturing people to form a demon.  These demons are called retained demons and they are very dangerous; they need to be dealt with decisively, and preferably from a very long distance away.

Dealing with retained demons is a job for highly trained professionals; the kinds of people who live and breathe heavy weaponry.  Giving the job to people who have never killed before would be a severe bureaucratic oversight.

The world is full of red tape, and our heroes are hardly the first people to be strangled by it.

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