Demonic Symphony – Scene 066

“She wants to know why you shot that plane!” shouted Derek; he could hear his own blood pulsing in his ears, “Look at what you idiots did! We were obvious enough as it was, but now you’ve gone and drawn every emergency unit it the city directly towards us! We can’t sneak out now!”

Emma shrugged, “So we don’t sneak. Don’t worry about it; just do what we-”

The rest of her sentence was cut off by Laurie tackling her.

Derek moved automatically; he grabbed Beatrice’s arm as it moved to her holster and he stared into her eyes.

Derek knew what he was doing was stupid; he had seen Beatrice in action and knew that she could’ve killed him without even pausing in drawing her gun. He knew he couldn’t fight her, so he did the only thing he could think off and mentally begged her to put a stop it all.

Laurie had been winning the fight, but now the tide was turning back to Emma; skill and experience winning out over rage and surprise. With one heart stopping movement Emma swept Laurie’s feet from under her and slammed her head into the ground with the barrel of her gun.

Derek leapt; instinct winning out over his desire to not be killed by Beatrice too. He stretched his hand towards the gun, and thought he saw the trigger being pulled in slow motion. He knew he wouldn’t make it in time.

Somehow Beatrice moved faster than him. She stood behind her partner and nudged her arm.

Derek saw the gun flash; but couldn’t see what had happened.

He landed next to Laurie and saw to his relief that she was alive; covered in blood and shivering, but alive.

He put his coat over her and looked back at Team Three.

Beatrice was still standing behind Emma; her hand was resting on her shoulder. Emma was still crouched; her gun still pointing slightly to the right of Laurie’s head, even her eyes and facial expression seemed to be locked into position.

Derek dragged Laurie a little further away from the two women. Emma stayed exactly where she was, her eyes and gun now pointing at totally empty space.

Then, very slowly, Emma stood up and looked Derek in the eye. Laurie had succeeded in giving her a bloody nose, and as Derek watched blood dripped off her face and stained her shirt. “We have a skimmer” she said, “If you want out then we’re your ride.”

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