Demonic Symphony – Scene 053

They had driven well outside the city limits before Derek would agree to stop driving.

He pulled into a scenic car park and turned the car off, but he kept both hands tightly on the steering wheel.

There was a long silence in which Laurie admired the view. It had been a good idea to build a car park here, she thought; the city lights were beautiful. After a while Derek said, “What does the file say?”

Laurie looked at the folder that was half crushed in her hand. She opened it and started to read. “Ernest Mckingle” she said, “Lives not too far from the school, one older brother, no other family are mentioned, there’s a list of test results” she pulled out sheets of paper and shook them loosely, “They’re bad.”

She put the file away. “What’s our next move?” she asked.

“Read me that file again” Derek said.

Laurie looked at the thick file, “You know,” she said,”If we turned the car light on then you would be able to read it as well.”

“I’m not ready to be that visible”

Laurie took a look around, there didn’t seem to be anyone else around, “Why do you want to hear it again?”

“It’s really normal; and it calms me down”

Laurie smiled, “All right,” she said, “I’ll read it to you while we drive to this kid’s house; I’ll even make the sound effects at the right parts”

Derek snorted; and put the car into reverse. They got back on the road and drove back towards the city. Laurie really did do the sound effects; it didn’t seem to calm Derek down much.

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