Demonic Symphony – Scene 012

Laurie liked driving the company 2CVs; they weren’t really very sporty cars, but they were cute and it was kind of fun to try and roll them at the corners.

They had been driving most of the night so far, and the sky was starting to take on the pale hue that meant that dawn was coming, but they were almost there.

As their little vehicle crested the last rise the sun finally peaked over the mountains and threw the little town below them into beautiful colour.

After Derek had come back the two of them had taken out a compass and draw Casper’s circle on it; the town of Symphony had been almost at the centre, as well as the only one big enough to warrant being on the map; if anyone could tell them about twenty missing people then they would find them in Symphony.

Laurie thought the little town looked beautiful, but as the sun got higher in the sky and the light got brighter it began to hurt her eyes. She poked Derek awake and gave him the job of finishing the drive, and then she sat down in the passenger’s seat and squinted against the rising sun.

“It looks beautiful doesn’t it?” She said

Derek grunted

“I mean if it wasn’t so far out of the way I bet this would make a great tourist town”

Derek didn’t answer this at all; he was probably watching the road.

“This should be an easy mission” said Laurie, “I bet the people down there haven’t even heard of Demons; so all we have to do is roll up to the police station and look for twenty missing people who fit the profile, and then send in the police with riot gear to finish the mission off”

Derek took one hand off the steering wheel to rub his forehead, “There’s no way it’s going to be that easy,” he said, ”They would have been looking for their own missing people already”

“Ah, but we have extra information to work from”

“Right, whatever,” said Derek, “Five bucks says that something attacks us before we even get into the town”

Laurie was half way through scoffing when something huge hit the car and threw it into the air.

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