Demonic Symphony – Scene 059

At some point before she had joined the organization someone had seen fit to install a secret remote control in the local sport field’s blimp. Laurie had no idea why they had done it; the organization just attracted those sorts of people.

No one had ever managed to use it of course; putting aside everything else the remote didn’t have a button to open the hanger doors. So the remote had wound up in the mountain stockpile.

Everyone in the organization knew about the mountain stockpile; even people who had never been there like Laurie. It was where the organization hid away the things they found or made that were too weird to ever be used on a mission, but too weird to be thrown away.

Derek and Laurie climbed the mountain together; Herbert had melted into the shadows at some point; and they reached the old, door less cottage maintained as a historical artefact by a trust that the organization had a significant stake in.

Laurie’s eyes were better than Derek’s and while they were still a fair distance away she stopped him and pointed out some teenagers using the cottage for a purpose for which it hadn’t really been designed.

Laurie was in favour of just leaving them alone and letting them realize that a stone floor is an incredibly uncomfortable thing to lie on, but Derek marched up the rest of the way and shooed off the lucky pair accusing them of desecrating a historical relic. Laurie wasn’t sure what claim the cottage had on being a historical relic; as far as she knew the only interesting thing about it was that it was very old and sat on a nearly forgotten shallow cave.

Laurie joined Derek and watched as the teenagers drove away; hurling abuse and a solitary drink can.

When they were gone Derek got to his knees and started lifting stones. The floor of the cottage was made of stones and mortar and as such was very strong. However if you looked very closely you would see that some of the mortar had been carefully chipped away and replaced with rubber cement that had been cut in such a way that if you lifted it here, and here…

Derek stuck his head through the new hole in the floor and started lifting things out. He handed Laurie a bundle of plastic fabric and a teddy bear before taking a black box out for himself.

He stood up and looked her in the eye, “Are you sure you’re ready to do this?” he asked.

Laurie nodded; she was looking forward to the plan; it promised to be a lot of fun and not get anyone killed.

Derek nodded too, “then it’s time to split up”.

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