Demonic Symphony – Scene 016

Laurie felt like laughing; this was more fun than a rollercoaster.

She had pinned herself down in the back of the truck when the wheels had started spinning for the first time, and she was very glad she had.

She had felt the G forces on every turn and the strange feeling of weightlessness as they had started down the incline, but she couldn’t see ahead of the truck because of the cabin; so it came as a surprise when the truck suddenly flicked up and everything went quiet apart from the soothing rushing sound of air streaming past.

Laurie put her head up, and then the rest of her body up.

She was floating.

It was a beautiful day; the sky was clear, and with her sunglasses on she could really appreciate the blue sky.

She let herself drift higher. She could see over the cabin now; there was a huge rock formation rising up to meet them.

She pulled herself back to the deck as fast as she could.

There was an incredible noise and the truck lurched around as it bolted across the top of the rock tower.

They careened down the other side of the tower; on a better than vertical incline, and then they hit another ramp.

From where the 2CV had crashed they hadn’t been able to see Symphony; it had been hidden by the rest of the mountain, but now for the first time since they had crested the rise that led into Symphony’s valley, she could see the town again.

It looked terrible. It looked as though some giant monster had taken a few swipes at it since she had seen it last. There were giant gouges in the ground and everything within the gouges had been reduced to rubble.

Laurie had just had time to register that thought when she heard the driver cry out in dismay, “My Church!”

His church? Laurie wondered, noticing for the first time that the bag she was sharing the back with had a white collar wrapped around the strap.

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