Demonic Symphony – Scene 018

Laurie didn’t respond well to not getting enough sleep; her mind always started feeling like it was swimming in molasses. In spite of that she wasn’t asleep in her room; just as she had been getting into bed an idea had occurred to her.

It wasn’t something that she could do on her own, not when she was this tired; it would take too long, and that was a shame, she had the feeling that it would be a fun thing to do. It would be a vital piece of information, maybe the vital piece of information.

She started thinking about who owed her a favour, and came up mostly blank. There was one person who she could get to do what she wanted though. Even if she didn’t really think much of his abilities, there was no doubting that he was honest.

Lying in a bed in an old wood cottage, Laurie took out her cell phone, accessed functions that Derek probably wouldn’t have understood, and put the internet to the function for which it had originally been intended.

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