Demonic Symphony – Scene 080

Derek felt very disturbed. He rubbed his arm a bit as he walked back into the kitchen. “Well that was pointless” he said

Laurie looked surprised, “What do you mean?”  She asked, “We got the cube”

Derek was beginning to hate all cubes. He tightened his jaw. “That’s not going to help” he said “We need Casper to make anything out of that and he isn’t here”

Laurie put the cube down of the table; it was still sticky with blood. “Alright” she said, “but we know where he got the cube from now”

Derek felt like sighing, so he did. “That doesn’t help either” he said. “He didn’t know which secret organization his brother worked for, and he had no way of getting in contact with him”

Emma walked into the room, twirling an unsterile scalpel between her fingers, “So we go get the bum to show is the way” she said.

“No” said Laurie; stopping Emma in her tracks.

Derek blinked twice and turned to face Laurie. “Why on earth not?”

Laurie looked like she wasn’t going to answer the question, but then she said, “Herbert no longer accepts company credit. We will have to find a different way”

Derek lowered his head and rubbed his face. “Well I suppose we could just randomly pull out phone books and a check out every Arron Mckingle to see if he meets the profile” he said

“That’s a stupid idea” said Emma, with Laurie nodding along.

They were all silent, and then Laurie said, “I think I have a plan”

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