Idea – Typing 300wpm

I have these good/bad/crazy ideas sometimes, most of the time they’re not related to writing in any way, but this one is.

I am on a long term quest to improve my writing speed. So far this quest means that I can touch type on a Dvorak keyboard and dictate an entire book using Dragon naturally speaking. I’m a lot faster now than when I started out hunting and pecking, but I’m still far too slow for my liking.

Then I stumbled upon this.

For those of you who don’t want to follow that link let me summarise it for you. There is a machine, called a Stenotype, and it lets it’s users type at 300 WPM!

I would love to be that fast. Even if I couldn’t form coherent thoughts at that speed, I would still be thrilled to type a nonsense book if I could do it at 300 WPM.

Let me explain why this is so exciting to me. Let’s assume I had a Stenotype modified for Novel writing and I could type on it at 300 WPM. Let’s also assume that a Novel is 100,000 words long and that for the sake of easy maths I can work for 20 minutes before needing a 10 minute break.

For every half hour period I can write 6000 words (20 x 300)

For every hour I can write 12000 words (6000 x 2)

Which means that I can write my 100000 words in 8.3 hours (100000/12000)

To put that another way it means that I could write a novel every single working day!

Brrrrr, I just got chills at the thought of all that productivity. Now there are some obvious weaknesses with this idea, ranging from the question of whether a stenotype could even be modified as I have laid out, to the question of whether I could think straight while typing faster than I can talk, but I think the potential if everything goes right is enormous.

I can’t possibly be the first person to think of this. I’ld  like it if you could tune in and tell me your thoughts.


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  1. Ray said

    I’m probably writing this to no one, but google brought me here when I was on a similar line of thought. I keep thinking this could be an awesome tool for stream of conciousness writing. From the looks of it, the learning process can be a 2 year degree. Are you out there somewhere now typing away? Does it work?

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