The Wolf’s Will – Scene 095

Scene Ninety Three

In which negotiations go nowhere.

The party found him sitting on a little rock outcrop. They all experienced different emotions upon seeing him; or at least Tony Tony did; looking at the faces of the other two he didn’t think that their major emotion was annoyance at having to take a twelve kilometer cross country walk[1].

Tony Tony was suprised to find that he didn’t feel any fear; after all the last time he had seen Devlin the man had tortured him; but now that he saw him again…

The man was hunched up on the rock, his back to them. He looked like a brooding teenager, and Tony Tony had to fight the urge to laugh.

That didn’t mean that Tony Tony was crazy enough to be the one to go talk to him of course. The fact that Devlin looked like he would be at home composing morose poetry didn’t change the fact that he currently wielded enough power to rip parts of the landscape apart.

Tony Tony looked at Charlotte to see what she was going to do. Unless Tony Tony had misjudged the meaning of the term ‘Partner’ Charlotte was the best choice of the three to start off the negotiations.

Charlotte fixed her eyes on Devlin; Tony Tony saw that she seemed to be fighting some great internal battle. Then she closed her eyes and, like a man stepping off the edge of a diving board, took the first step towards Devlin, and then the second.

Tony Tony watched her as she walked the whole way, looking like she was fighting for every step. At one point she stopped, it all apparently growing too much for her, he saw he hold her crystal like a good luck charm, and then start walking again.

It occurred to Tony Tony that it wasn’t right for her to have to face something like this all by herself; he thought that he should go and help her, but somehow his feet didn’t want to move.

Charlotte reached Devlin and stopped behind him. The man gave no indication that he knew there was anyone behind him.

After a very long pause Charlotte reached out, like a woman who really doesn’t want to, and touched his shoulder. She tensed up, but Devlin didn’t flinch, and after a moment Charlotte relaxed as well.

She sat down next to him, and started rubbing his hand; Tony Tony knew that that was relaxing.

The two of them were talking together. Tony Tony couldn’t make out what they were saying; they were almost whispering to each other; but he saw that they were talking together like lovers. As he watched, Devlin lowered his head to rest on her shoulder.

Tony Tony smiled, that was it, he thought, mission accomplished, that’s the power of love. He clapped Johnson on the back, who was smiling as well. Tony Tony realized that it was a bit silly of them of be congratulating each other when they hadn’t actually done anything, but he couldn’t help smiling anyway; they had expected to have to fight a demigod, and now it looked like Charlotte had convinced him to come quietly.

Devlin stood up and took Charlotte’s hand. That’s odd, thought Tony Tony, is he proposing? No wait he’s already done that; besides he should be the one kneeling for that.

Devlin said his next words in a clear enough voice that Tony Tony could make it out clearly. He said, “I’m sorry Charlotte, but even with everything, I still gave my word that I would complete my mission.” Then there was a harsh white light, and a huge surge of wind, and Devlin was gone.

“Damn!”, exclaimed Tony Tony, using a favorite curse of his grandmother’s, “Damn, Damnation, Hellfire, and Fuck!”

[1] Once again, didn’t Professor Green have anything other than a 2CV?

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