The Wolf’s Will – Scene 094

Scene Ninety Four

In which alternative sleeping arrangements are found

Clare was sleeping at the office now.

This wasn’t as bad as it sounded; the office was well equipped to handle workers sleeping overnight; the papers overtime rate was really very good.

Clare knew of one man in the mail room who had switched to a polyphasic sleeping pattern, and had been on overtime for the last seven years.

Rowind was stunned when she walked into her personal office thirty minutes late anyway. “How did you manage that?” he asked “You live a two minute walk from here now”

Clare settled into her office chair, muttering something about forgetting to set her alarm, and having a busy day yesterday. No-one could claim that not to be true. “Was there something I can help you with?” she asked, in a somewhat firmer voice.

“Damn right there is!” Rowind yelled, “You can put together a team and get the hell out of my country!”

Clare blinked, it almost sounded like she was being fired, except she was being sent off with thousands of dollars of company equipment. “Sir?” she asked, extending the question to cover absolutely everything she found odd about the order.

“You can’t write anymore articles for a while.” Rowind stated. Clare thought that this was a bit harsh, after all she was here right now; in front of her computer, and she didn’t see any reason why she couldn’t start writing right away.

“And that pack of mongrels that you’ve got skulking around outside are intimidating all my other workers” Rowind continued. Clare couldn’t argue with that; she had seen them out the window too; the ones who were enough of a liability that their employers just left them where they were, and tried to forget about them.

“I want you visibly on an away mission” Rowind went on, his voice was softer now. “You did well on the last job; even if it got out of hand. You made the paper quite a lot of money, and brought us a lot of publicity; we can afford to keep you for a little while.”

His voice got harder again, “But while you’re here you’re a thorn in my side. Choose your team, choose your job, and get the hell out of my country.” He stalked out of her office.

There was complete silence. Clare was sure that the people walking past had heard what had happened, and were keeping quiet for her benefit. She wished they would stop, it made her feel awkward.

Clare spun around a few times on her swivel chair. When she was a little girl it was something her mother had strictly prohibited, and she had sworn to spend her entire adult life doing it. Now it helped her think.

You couldn’t force an adventure! She thought. Who did Rowind think he was?

For an adventure you needed certain things; like a direction to start with. It didn’t have to be where you ended up, but you needed something to drive you; something you were curious about. When she had gone out last she had intended on catching up with Greg and Tony Tony, and following their adventure; but then she had stumbled on her own adventure, and that was fine; you didn’t know where the adventure would end.

She started to wonder about what had happened to those two. They had been taken to meet the top man of a huge logging enterprise, and then billions of dollars worth of equipment had been destroyed. What had happened then? Were they responsible somehow? Why where they even there? And then she thought about the first question again; it really bit into her, they were in the middle of the Amazon rainforest without anywhere near enough supplies; what had happened then?

Suddenly Clare felt curious again.

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