The Wolf’s Will – Scene 093

Scene Ninety Three

In which people stand around tents.

The sun rose far too slowly for Charlotte’s taste.

As it rose it spread little slivers of rainbows across the dew covered grass. But Charlotte hardly noticed; she had been up since before dawn, and she was seriously considering kicking the other two tents until the two men got up.

Charlotte was not by nature a decisive woman; she hated knowing that if she were to pick option A then that would mean giving up on options B through E.

Recent events though were forcing Charlotte to make decisions that she had hoped to never have to make. So she had screwed her courage to the sticking place and Chosen. She had chosen Devlin, even though she still had some interesting dreams about Tony Tony, and she had chosen Devlin over her aunt’s orders, even though her fingers were itching to pick up her phone and beg forgiveness.

Charlotte didn’t know how this was all going to turn out, but she just wanted it to be over now so she could find out for herself.

She could hear and feel Tony Tony moving in his own tent, but Johnson hadn’t even stirred yet, she wished that both of them would hurry up; she didn’t know how long she could keep strong on the decisions she had made.

In frustration and loneliness she took her crystal in her hands again. She had found that the feelings were getting easier to feel through it, whether this was down to her increasing skill or Professor Green modifying the system at her end she didn’t know.

She could feel Devlin’s mind through the link; he wasn’t as scared as he had been before, or as angry, and that made her feel better.

She could feel the distinct minds; that was new; before she had only been able to make out the one mind; the resolution was improving.

The two minds were fighting with each other, but it was a low yield kind of fighting; and they seemed to have reached the compromise of sitting and waiting for them; only waiting; not seeking them out, but at least it was progress.

Clare couldn’t focus on the angels mind; it was too hot and harsh, so she focused on Devlin’s mind instead; she could see into his mind now; better than ever, and she had spent most of yesterday in the back seat of the 2CV trying to see inside his mind.

This should be part of marriage therapy, she thought. It was the same mind as she had been inside during the attack on the tower, but now it knew she was there, and it welcomed her. She willed herself further in, so much so that she was leaning forward in the real world, and the mind embraced her, took her in and warmed her. It was like being in the womb, although not as wet.

She felt someone touch her shoulder; and felt the urge to jump spread though her body. She didn’t jump though; somehow her body seemed completely numb.  She felt herself drift back to consciousness; it was like pushing through stacked layers of pillows, and it seemed to take a surprising amount of effort.

She fluttered her eyelids; and suddenly she was back in the cold, while facing the sun. Charlotte felt like going back, she didn’t really like the world at the moment.

Tony Tony had been the one who had brought her back. She realized that he had said something, but she didn’t have the slightest idea what it could be. “Sorry” she said, “I missed that”

“Well I asked you if you were all right?” said Tony Tony, “You looked a bit dazed there for a moment.” He was carefully searching her face; she didn’t know why.

“I’m fine” she said, “I was just daydreaming a little bit”

Tony Tony didn’t look like he believed her, but he didn’t ask any more questions. “That’s alright” he said, “Can you tell how close we are to our man?”

Charlotte brushed her fingers over her crystal, letting herself dip lightly into Devlin’s mind. She wished she could go deeper. “We’re close” she said, “And he’s waiting for us”

“Oh” said Tony Tony, who didn’t look surprised, but was wearing the kind of expression that dairy owners wear when they see a suspicious man walk in. “Is that something we have to worry about?”

Charlotte smiled and shook her head. She studied Tony Tony’s face, and wished that she could see inside his mind.

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