The Wolf’s Will – Scene 090

Scene Ninety

In which lunch is brought.

Tony Tony was leaning against the car, chatting with Charlotte; they were in a truck stop somewhere in the wilderness.

Tony Tony was still a little put out that Professor Green hadn’t given them a better form of transport; he could completely understand why she wouldn’t want to risk using magic, but a jet would have been nice, or a better car, hell even an all week bus pass.

Although when he thought about it even a Citroën 2CV was better than an all day bus pass; just.

He didn’t know what they were going to do If Devlin turned out to be somewhere off road, he didn’t think that the poor car would be able to handle it. He mentioned this worry to Charlotte, and she laughed at him, she had a nice laugh. “We were always going to have to go up to him on foot” she said.

“Why?” Tony Tony asked, genuinely curious

“We can’t risk threatening him, he would see a car as a target; hopefully he will be less likely to attack us”

Greg thought of searing pain “Ah, Charlotte” he said, “I don’t know what Professor Green told you, but Devlin and I have a perfectly good reason to not get along.”

“I know” she said, rubbing his hand, “You poor thing; it must have been terrible for you in there.”

Tony Tony couldn’t think of an answer which didn’t seem like bragging or fishing for sympathy; so he sort of bobbed up and down, making affirmative noises in his throat. Charlotte made a sympathetic noise and hugged his arm. Feeling guilty[1] Tony Tony looked for a way to change the subject. “Are we getting close?” he asked.

Charlotte looked up, and touched the crystal that Professor Green had given her; it was a yellow one, like the one that Tony Tony himself had put around Devlin’s neck. Tony Tony had been given a new one, and so had Johnson, who was inside the only building on the gravel parking lot, buying the three of them lunch. Charlotte’s eyes fluttered for a moment, and then she lowered her hand again.

“We’re much closer” she said, “We should be there by tomorrow”

“Assuming he doesn’t run away again.”

“That’s right”

“I wish you would tell me how you do that, I think it’s kind of a neat trick”

Charlotte giggled like a schoolgirl, “I’d tell you” she said, “But I don’t have the slightest Idea”

“Oh” said Tony Tony, surprised, “I thought Professor Green went through it with you in the Crystal lab?”

“Well yeah” said Charlotte, “But she kept using phrases like, magical harmonics, or interseven layers; I don’t think I was really meant to understand.”

“Ah” said Tony Tony, nodding, but something didn’t seem right about that, the impression he had gotten of Professor Green, was of a woman who didn’t beat around the bush; if she hadn’t wanted Charlotte to understand, then she would have just told her so. Tony Tony hoped Charlotte hadn’t missed anything important about the operation of the Crystal around her neck.

There was a rhythmic sound of crunching gravel, which announced the return of Johnson. He was carrying three brown paper bags and a carton of chips. The three of them piled back into the 2CV, Charlotte taking up the back seat, and distributed the food amongst themselves. That done they drove the car back onto the road, and followed the guidance of the crystals.

[1] And wondering when he had started feeling guilty about being tortured

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