The Wolf’s Will – Scene 087

Scene Eighty Seven

In which contact is made

Tony Tony leaned against the wall outside the crystal laboratory. He wasn’t entirely happy; he had been thinking things over while eying Johnson up. The man was meant to have been Devlin’s partner was he? Well there had been no one else on that jet.

Tony Tony resolved to be very careful about keeping everything he knew about Greg from him; then it occurred to him that he had already blurted out everything he had known under torture. He resolved to be careful anyway.

He wished he had been able to stay in the crystal laboratory, but the blinking lights and flashing colors had gotten to him, and he had needed to come out side for air. He had hoped that he would be able to keep listening to what was going on, but the door was solid aged oak.

Tony Tony wasn’t entirely clear on what they were trying to accomplish in the lab. But from what Professor Green had told him they were going to use the Crystal that he had put on Devlin to make contact with him. He didn’t understand why, but then a lot of his life had become difficult to understand recently.

Tony Tony realized that he was being bitter about not being able to stay in the lab. He focused on the emotion; trying to make it go away. It didn’t, but he felt better for trying. He wondered how Greg did it; the man just never seemed to suffer from his emotions. Tony Tony felt jealous about this, but then he imagined himself as Greg, and decided that it might not be worth the downside.

He thought about going back inside, but then thought of those awful lights and decided against it. He did open the door a crack though.

Charlotte was the one making the connection of course.  Tony Tony wondered just what it would be like to have your fiancé pop into your mind when you were in the middle of some other job.

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