The Wolf’s Will – Scene 085

Scene Eighty Five

In which old friends meet up again

Tony Tony and Johnson were late to the meeting. They were also very wet. They had opened a wrong door on the way down and had spent several minutes trying to close it again against the weight of a sizable ocean.

Eventually they had given up and left the water blasting into the corridor, from what they had seen eventually someone would either turn it off, or declare it a tradition to have the bottom three floors filled with water.

Tony Tony had a daring story prepared, involving pirates, but to his disappointment Professor Green didn’t seem to find anything odd about their appearance, and only indicated to empty seats.

Tony Tony sat and looked around. Apart from himself, Johnson, and Professor Green there seemed to have only been one person invited to this meeting. She was a slim girl with dull silver hair, Tony Tony thought that she looked very familiar, but he couldn’t place her face. She was avoiding his eyes, so an Ex-girlfriend perhaps? He guessed that he must have enough to fill a small island at this point. Tony Tony was momentarily distracted by the thought of an island populated entirely by his ex’s; he had generally parted on good terms, so it might be a nice place for a holiday.

Tony Tony brought himself back to the present, he still couldn’t place the girl, but Professor Green had started talking.

She was talking about the attack and the man behind it.

Greg listened with mild interest, the man was called Devlin, he learned, so apparently he had done the right thing by putting the scrying crystal around Sparky’s neck. Tony Tony was glad to hear it, he had been a little upset about losing the crystal; at least it had done some good.

Devlin was also apparently possessed by an angel, which Tony Tony thought sounded like the plot to a bad soap opera, although it really did explain a few things.

Professor Green was apparently interested in getting the angel back, on the grounds that if she knew where it was then it couldn’t attack them by force.

She said that once she had it back she would start looking for ways to remove possessing angels. She said that she didn’t want to see Devlin get hurt, but Tony Tony noticed that she looked at the woman when she said it, and Tony Tony was sure that killing Devlin was plan B if dispossessing him didn’t work out. Whether she had missed the subtext or he had just imagined it, Tony Tony couldn’t tell, but the woman was visibly relieved. Tony Tony thought that there was something very familiar about the woman’s smile, and the way she moved, Tony Tony just couldn’t place it.

Professor Green was explaining the plan now. It involved, apparently, the three of them going out after Devlin while wearing special scying crystals and trying to force DevlinAngel into enough conflict with himself that it made him easy to capture.

Tony Tony could see a few flaws with this plan, not the least of which was the fact that she didn’t really seem forthcoming on just how the actual capturing would work.

He took in the other’s reactions to see what they thought about this, and saw only grim determination on their faces. He made a mental note to ask them both later exactly what their connection to Devlin was.

Then Professor Green asked them all whether they were in or out, and to his surprise Tony Tony found himself nodding along with the others. After all, he rationalized, the man did torture me; it will be nice to mess with his head a little bit.

Professor Green stood up, and motioned for the others to do the same.

She led them out of the room and down a corridor, while making introductions. She introduced Johnson first; apparently he had been Devlin’s partner at some point in the past. Johnson looked surprised and disturbed to hear himself introduced like that; he hadn’t mentioned anything about it to Tony Tony, so perhaps he had been under the impression that it was a secret. Before he could think too much about it, Professor Green was introducing the girl.

She said that her name was Charlotte, and she was Devlin’s fiancée. Tony Tony was surprised by this, and took another look at her, and this time he caught her looking at him as well, and their eyes met for the first time. “I knew I knew you!” he exclaimed, stopping dead in his tracks. Charlotte looked shocked, and blushed to a shade that Tony Tony remembered quite well. “You were the stewardess on that flight in Australia!”

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