The Wolf’s Will – Scene 083

Scene Eighty Three

No goodbyes are said here either.

When Tony Tony came back from the breakfast table, pile of toast in one hand, jug of orange juice in the other, sweeping away skeleton dogs in suits of armor with his legs, he found Johnson at the end of the corridor to their rooms, looking out of the window.

Tony Tony, thought this was odd; he hadn’t seen Johnson get out of bed all day yesterday, but here he was out of bed and looking healthier than ever. By the smell of it he had even found time to take Tony Tony’s advice on visiting the shower.

Johnson saw Tony Tony coming and greeted him with a smile. Tony Tony took this as a good sign, he hadn’t been able to make conversation with the man yesterday; the man had more or less just stared at the ceiling all day long, occasional muttering a little bit, or giving one word answers to everything that Tony Tony had asked, until Tony Tony had decided to disembark the question train and stop talking.

Tony Tony propped himself up on the wall next to him and handed him the toast, he had been bringing it back for him anyway. Johnson accepted it gratefully, and turned back to the window. “You know” he said, in a peaceful voice, “until I saw the view I didn’t really believe it, but we really are back in the E.M.L aren’t we?”

Tony Tony was glad that it he would finally be able to have a conversation with Johnson, “That’s what they tell me” he said, “They also tell me that we must be the two luckiest men anywhere near here. Apparently we landed on a giant flying marshmallow.”

“Really?” said Johnson, surprised, “I don’t remember that”

“Me neither; but for me everything is a bit of a blur after I jumped, and you weren’t really all there for the most part”

Johnson shivered, “No” he said, “No I really wasn’t” Then something like confusion crossed his face, “Wait” he said, “Why did they think that a giant flying marshmallow would be a good thing to deploy to a battlefield?”

Tony Tony smiled; it didn’t really matter how you looked at it, it was still a downright terrible idea. “I did some exploring” he said, “Yesterday, while you were still holed up in bed, and the lesson I really took away from what I saw is that this isn’t a place where the word ‘why’ is used a lot”

“Ah” said Johnson, Nodding sagely “Instead of ‘Why’ it’s ‘Why not’?”

“I don’t think so” said Tony Tony, chuckling, “It’s more like, instead of ‘Why’ it’s ‘Let’s do that again. With Dynamite!’”

Johnson frowned, “This is a very odd place” he said.

“Yes!” said Tony Tony, ”but that was why this place was built wasn’t it? So that everyone who wanted to learn magic could be safely quarantined?”

Johnson nodded, and let a small smile play across his lips. “So” he said, “It was Tony Tony right? What happens to us now, Tony Tony?”

“The woman who brought us in is calling a meeting for later today, she asked for me to be there, and you; if you’re up to it”

“Ah” said Johnson, who looked like he was planning ahead “A debriefing?”

Tony Tony thought of Professor Green, “I can only hope.” He said, “But I don’t think so. She didn’t really seem interested in what had happened to me when I talked to her yesterday. I guess maybe she has some magical way of knowing? I don’t know; she’s a hard woman to figure out.”

Johnson seemed confused to hear this, “Then why does she want to talk to us?” he asked

“I don’t know” said Tony Tony, “The way she said it, it sounded almost like she had a job for us.”

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