The Wolf’s Will – Scene 080

Scene Eighty

In which we catch up with some of the other characters

Tony Tony woke up like a man who really wishes that he was still asleep, exactly like that actually. He had slept in his clothes and the dressing on his shoulder had been drenched in sweat overnight, it was starting to smell. Tony Tony pushed his hands against the bed under him, and forced himself into a kind of sitting position. The duvet was heavy over his legs, like it was trying to push him back down; he wished he could go back to sleep, but he knew that it was too late in the day.

He pushed himself out of the bed. Even through though his socks the cobblestone floor was cold. Tony Tony smiled; it was a genuine cobblestone floor; inside and god knows how many stories up. Yesterday he had been kidnapped by an angel, and the day before that he had been working to rebuild a burned town. Life was a weird thing, Tony Tony thought.

He turned his mind back to the issue at hand. Food, he thought, breakfast, maybe two breakfasts, followed by a tasteful ten course banquet. Shower too; maybe shower first actually. He reached the door and put his hand on the door knob, but then something stopped him.

The dead dorm, the helpful lady had called it, where magic couldn’t touch you. Tony Tony took his hand off the knob; she hadn’t told him how to get food though, maybe that was something that he was meant to figure out on his own. He would have to face the magic eventually.

Tony Tony looked back into the dorm; the only other inhabitant was the man who Tony Tony had rescued from the sparkly jet. Tony Tony didn’t think he would make good company; he had fallen asleep as soon as he had stopped shivering and was now lying in the bed, stiff as a corpse. Tony Tony decided not to wake him; he looked like he could use all the sleep he could get.

He turned back to the door and rested his hand on the door knob again. It was a perfectly normal doorknob, it wasn’t even shaped like some sort of magical creature, it was just a simple metal door handle.

Tony Tony took a deep breath, reached inside himself, squared his shoulders, breathed out because he had been holding his breath for a while, took another deep breath, and opened the door.

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