The Wolf’s Will – Scene 078

Scene Seventy Eight

In which we find a character in the middle of a smoking crater.

In the middle of a forest so black that the trees have personalities and deserts named after them, there is a smoking crater. Even though it smokes the crater isn’t hot, there is a cold wind cutting through this place which chills so deeply that the people walking in it wonder if they’ll ever be warm again.

There is a man in the center of the crater. His clothes are torn, his hair is a mess, and he has the kind of beard that people get when they normally shave but haven’t been able to for slightly too long. This man lies with face down in the dirt, he rocks back and forth a little, and he alternates light sobbing and muttering to himself.

If you listen really closely you can even make out the things he is saying.

Some other way

No other way

Some different lead

Only one lead

“I have another lead” said a voice

The man in the crater looked up. There was a Dwarf watching him, leaning casually on his axe. “My name is Ka’Ta’Ka’Ma’Ta’Ta’Ma’Ka’Ta’Ka” said the Dwarf, “And I think we can help each other.”

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