The Wolf’s Will – Scene 077

Scene Seventy Seven

In which Goodbyes are said

“That had to be the longest fireworks display that I have ever sat through”, said Greg still staring upwards.

“Indeed? Then why didn’t you leave?”

“Was I complaining about the length? Did anyone hear me complaining about the length?”

“I suppose I did not.” said the man, smiling.

Greg looked around, most of Foxvision had come out to see the traveling mages[1] fireworks show, but they were all heading back now, and that meant that he had to decide where they were going next. “I suppose we’ll get an inn tonight” he said, “And we can talk about our plans tomorrow.”

The man coughed, “I am sorry” he said, “But I’m afraid I really must decline. I’ve been invited to travel with some old friends for a small while, and I have accepted”

“Oh” said Greg, a little put out; he had started to think of the man as part of his traveling group. “Does that mean that you’re leaving tonight?”

“Yes, I’m afraid it does. I really do have to start walking soon if I’m going to make it to the pickup point in time”

“Then this is goodbye?”

“For now, I’m afraid so”

Greg walked silently for a moment, he wasn’t good at goodbyes. He turned to the man and extended his hand, which the man took. “Goodbye,” he began, and then stumbled as he realized that he had yet to ask the man’s name.

He felt extremely awkward, but luckily the man seemed to understand, and came to his rescue. “Gileppi” he said.

Something clicked together in Greg’s memory. “Oh!” he said, “Are you Gileppi the-”

“Bridgebuilder” the man cut in, “The one from the sign, yes indeed I am.”

“Right, but I was going to ask if you were Gileppi-”

“The Bridgebuilder”

Greg’s head finally caught up with his mouth. “Right” he said, sheepishly shaking the man’s hand. “Gileppi the Bridgebuilder”

[1] Traveling mages tended to have much greater control over their ability than the normal ones, that or they could just be really good at outrunning pitchfork waving mobs, either way it’s fun for the whole family

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