The Wolf’s Will – Scene 074

Scene Seventy Four

In which the sun rises

The air was chill on the battlements, but Louise didn’t mind it. It put her in mind of great stories from the past, epic dragon charges and so forth, and that was the frame of mind she was in. She could see herself in line with the great leaders of the past; Queen Hectoberum stood on one side of her today, Nigel the fork twister on the other.

It looked like almost all of the students in the school had answered her call. The windows and walls of the tower bristled with glowing people, who periodically exploded humorously.

Everyone was waiting for the battle to begin[1], they were all very eager to throw the latest thing that they had made explosive in the direction of the squishy angel. Mages might make bad soldiers, Louise thought with a small smile, but they were damn terrifying opponents anyway.

The E.M.L tower was a very tall one, and Louise could see clear to the horizon. The sun was starting to rise; it was like an extremely enthusiastic fireworks display, or maybe a giant glowing egg, or possibly a nuclear furnace with enough power to melt the earth into a blob of impure iron. There was something about the sunrise which always made Louise feel poetic.

The sunrise also helped Louise see more clearly, at this point she saw the black sparking thing advancing on the tower, with the attitude of something which has been traveling all night, and intends to reach its destination come hell or high water.

Louise closed her eyes and let the calls of the birds around her enter her mind; she wanted to see what they thought about the intruder. They birdsong entered through her ears and filled her, she let the chirps and calls take on their true form. Ya, bugger off, The birds called, Bugger off, ya bugger.Louise opened her eyes, good she thought, we know exactly where it is and that it isn’t an illusion.

She spread her feet a little further apart, and flexed her knees. The sparky thing was getting closer; it now looked like a jet with its wings ripped off.

She started to think about what kind of strategy would be effective, they need a live host, she remembered, well that’s easy to work with.

She thought about the forces that she had managed to assemble, we should mob it , she thought, we should let it get closer and then all jump on it at once, this will be an easy battle if we can stay coordinated.

The jet was starting to get very close now. Another ten seconds, she thought, and then we can cut loose. She spread her arms out as though she intended to catch the jet herself.

A dragon soared past her and dived at the jet, its rider was playing on a guitar which was flinging lightning bolts around in a semi random manner. Oh that’s right, she remembered, I have absolutely no control over what’s going on here.

[1] Apart from a small, bored group down near the base of the tower, they seemed to be seeing if they could make pigeons unstable enough to explode in a chain reaction. She left them to it, partially because she felt sure that they would find some way to use a chain of exploding pigeons in battle, but mostly because she felt absolutely sure that she would never be able to stop them.

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