The Wolf’s Will – Scene 072

Scene Seventy Two

In which a village is sighted.

Greg had expected the old man to look uncomfortable when he woke up, but to his surprise the man slept like an angel. Greg was a little put out by this; he had been beginning to think that his ability to sleep in car seats was the result of some inner tough man ability. He supposed that this could still be the case; after all he still didn’t know what kind of life the old man had led.

He could see a faint glow on the horizon, his first thought was that they were getting close to Foxvision, but that couldn’t possibly be right, the sun was up. Mages, the answer came to him, mages doing some kind of explosion test, as they tended to do. He grabbed Crazy Sven by the shoulder, “we have to avoid that bright spot” he said

“What and why would we. Being the Crazy Sven, run from little Girly Crotch light?”

“Its mages,” said Greg, “It’s got to be mages” he felt that this would be sufficient

“So?” said Crazy Sven, “I am finding that the CrotchRobes are How you say? More fun than barrels through a monkey”

It occurred to Greg that he had no Idea what Crazy Sven had done while they had been in the E.M.L, “I think they’re doing explosive testing up ahead” he said, realising as he said it that it was probably the wrong card to play.

To his surprise Crazy Sven’s reply went the unexpected route, “What other kinds of testing do they do?” he asked. Greg noticed that he had managed to get his grammar mostly right this time; he was wondering if this was a freak accident when Crazy Sven cut him off again, “anyway” he said, “fun!” and with that he wrenched the steering wheel and took the cab off road.

The lurching started again immediately, Greg had gotten too accustomed to driving on roads, so he jarred his hip against the door handle on the first bump. He heard someone voice behind him, “Oh dear me” it said, “Are we built to travel off road?”

Greg wedged himself in the smallest cranny he could find, “I don’t think it matters” he said, “It’s what we’re doing.”

“Ah” Said the man, who to Greg’s mild annoyance was sitting in a perfectly regal manner in the back seat, Greg couldn’t work out how he was remaining stationary. “Do we know the origin of that strange light up ahead?”

“I think its Mages” said Greg, he was making sure that he used the word ‘think’, he was beginning to think that given the kind of life he lead it was a bad idea to say anything that might be quoted back to him.

“Oh indeed”, said the man, who seemed quite at peace with the news. Greg stared; he was beginning to think that the man wasn’t normal. “Doesn’t that worry you?” he asked, “I mean mages do have a reputation of being dangerous people to be around”

The man smiled and nodded, “Indeed” he said, “but if you are not doing anything to prevent it then either you are managing the risk, or you don’t have any control over where we are going. Either way there’s little need for me to worry about it”

Greg tried to find a flaw in thins logic, but none was apparent.

“Incidentally” the man continued, “Are you aware that there is a canyon in-between us and the light?”

Greg kept his face blank, bit significant parts of his brain went ‘Wha!?’ to each other. He turned around just in time to feel the bumping stop and to see the cab starting to angle downwards.

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  1. Kevin said

    Where’s the rest of the story??? I’m enjoying it, please tell me where to find the rest.

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