The Wolf’s Will – Scene 070

Scene Seventy

In which a timely warning results in an otherwise sane woman talking to cats.

You say he’s coming back.


How can you be sure?

Very well, what else do you have to tell me?

I see, I’ll see what I can do


Louise dropped the phone back into the cradle clumsily; she was not used to using phones, the tower had its own methods of communications. She sat back in her chair and rubbed her temples, it was enormously unfair being to only sane woman in a virtual asylum; it meant that she was the go to girl if anything actually needed to be accomplished.

Apparently now there was an angel lining up to attack her tower[1]. That was sheer arrogance she thought, an angel; a mere lesser cherub thought that it could attack The E.M.L. Well it would soon find that even if mages didn’t make the best soldiers, they still made dangerous opponents if they were given the right motivation.

She walked out of her office and swept a hand behind the door, coming up holding a small yellow cat, which blinked at her, too shocked to react in any other way. She held the cat by the scruff of its neck, and pulled it closer to her face.

“I’m sure you heard all of that” she said, “Contact the rat kings, and have them use their subjects to pass on the message to all the students, Tell them that the student who successfully destroys the angel will have unlimited free Peanut oil for the remainder of the year[2]“. The cat almost looked as though it nodded, Louise put it on the ground, and it darted away.

Louise walked away in the opposite direction to the one the cat had taken; there were other preparations to be made. As she walked she whispered things to the door knobs and the fire places, which stood up and saluted her.

[1] She was surprised to find that she thought of it as her tower; she wasn’t surprised to find that the word school never occurred to her.

[2] Peanut oil being heavily used in the magical equivalent of dynamite, and in some delicious Thai dishes

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