The Wolf’s Will – Scene 067

Scene Sixty Seven

In which information is extracted.

Tony Tony felt the searing sensation press into him again; it was too much; his mind went blank.

He knew that he was yelling again, his throat felt raw and ripped; he just hoped it was only swear words that he was yelling, rather than anything that could be used against him later. The pain stopped again, and Tony Tony could hear the sound of crackling meat. He reviewed the last few seconds of this life, and couldn’t remember giving anything away

There was a man standing not too far away, he was shivering slightly and had the look in his eyes that people get when they’re watching a car crash. Tony Tony wondered why he wasn’t helping him, although he supposed that the bystanders didn’t always help out at car crashes either.

The only other man there was the man who had tried to convince them that he was an FBI agent. Except that he wasn’t the same as last time. Last time he hadn’t been so blank, and ruthless, and Tony Tony couldn’t help a mad little smile, so sparkly. The man spoke again, “Where is Mr. Greg” He asked.

Tony Tony was silent. They first time the man had asked Tony Tony had brushed him off with what he had thought was a fairly witty remark. The times after that he had just screamed that he didn’t know. Now he was just hoping that silence was the right answer, or at least not the wrong answer. It didn’t work of course; the man pressed his hand into Tony Tony’s face again.

Tony Tony felt the searing again, it felt like having his face forced into a vat of burning petrol, which slipped through his eyes to the back of his throat, and then sunk to his centre where it spread out and consumed him.

The pain seemed to go on for much longer this time, though it was hard to judge time from the inside. When it lifted Tony Tony realised to his shame that he could remember saying the words, ‘Magic league’ and ‘The master’

“No” he said, through a hoarse throat, wishing more than anything that he could take his last words back. The man said nothing; he just turned around, Tony Tony apparently not worth his attention anymore. As the jet began to move the sunset cast disturbing shadows on him.

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