The Wolf’s Will – Scene 065

Scene Sixty Five

In which a confrontation becomes inevitable

Johnson looked down through the screen, it was flicking a little bit, but there was no mistaking what it showed. “He left it behind” he said, “It looks like some sort of army camp down there. There are lots of scorch marks around, so they probably evacuated fairly quickly.”

Devlin didn’t say anything, or move at all, he didn’t seem to move much anymore.

Johnson pressed on. “He probably left his pack behind, it’s a newbie mistake, but then he was never a soldier. Or he might have taking it out to lighten his load, a decretive piece of melted metal isn’t exactly the kind of thing that you would call a vital piece of equipment.”

Devlin didn’t move now either, but Johnson thought that his eyes looked less intense than they had earlier, like his partner had checked out from behind them.

Johnson was sweating a lot, he didn’t really like electrically, or at least he didn’t like it now. There weren’t many views that Johnson clung to with real certainty, but he was on the verge of making the view that electricity’s place was inside wires or in kitchen appliances, one of them. Sparks were still leaping back and forth inside the cabin, and Johnson had been shocked so many times that he was almost used to it. Almost.

He decided to press on, hoping the he could get his message across “Whether he left it deliberately or accidentally doesn’t really matter, the important information to take away here is that Mr. Tomson isn’t here, and that we have no idea where he is”

Devlin didn’t respond to this either, his eyes still looked blank.

“Would you like to land and look around?” Johnson asked, with more than a little disrespect in the tone, trying to communicate with Devlin was frustrating him.

Devlin moved now, it was so slow that it wouldn’t normally have warranted a reaction from Johnson, but after hours of stillness Johnson jumped at the movement, all the sparks flared up as well in apparent response.

Devlin walked to the windscreen and looked out, Johnson noticed that the eyes were harsh and alert again, like windows to an empty universe. He tried to see what Devlin was looking at, but he didn’t see anything very noticeable.

“There” said Devlin, “He is in the Parade. We will go there”

Parade? Thought Johnson; he looked in the direction that Devlin was looking in. When he really started to focus Johnson could just make out a thin ribbon of colour hidden away in what looked like another mountain entirely. They were too far away for Johnson to even be sure that it was people, let alone a single person in the middle of a parade; he didn’t really think it looked like people.

But it didn’t seem to matter what he thought, the jet was moving again, and whether he liked it or not, he was coming along for the ride.

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