The Wolf’s Will – Scene 063

Scene Sixty Three

In which someone in the know is worried.

Lord Greenbadger had a very impressive library. He didn’t really like to read, but he liked information, he loved information. This wasn’t the library that he let his guests see of course, he liked to keep his information private; after all it was his greatest edge. He kept a token library in his living room, and he invited his guests to read from it. it contained all the books that a gentleman of his standing was expected to possess, and as such it was very respectable, but if you knew where the secret catch was then behind it there were many, older books.

He dragged the old wooden ladder along the shelves, there wasn’t much room between the shelves and he had to hug it close. When he had reached the section that he wanted, he climbed up and pulled a single book out from the throng. He held it close to his chest; this was the book that he wanted.

There was a single desk away from the shelves’ and there was a reading light on it. He laid the book on the desk and sat down on the chair. Then he turned the light on and studied the book.

It was a heavy book, clearly old, and important since it had been bound in leather. The writing on the front had faded, but he could still make it out when he looked at it out of the corner of his eye.

It read; ‘Furious Angels, and how to avoid them’.

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