The Wolf’s Will – Scene 062

Scene Sixty Two

In which a mission is resumed.

Johnson didn’t like Charlotte. He thought that she was a manipulative and silly little girl.

Nevertheless, there was no denying that his partner was in love with her, and Johnson was an old enough man to know the importance of admitting when you were in over your head. He had tried to communicate with Devlin again last night, and again this morning. As far he could tell, Devlin had not done as much as move a muscle in all that time.

He knew that he had met his match, and that was why he had brought out the organisational directory.

Officially the organisational directory didn’t exist, then again officially the organisation didn’t exist. The reasoning was the same in both cases. In the case of the organisation it didn’t exist because the ladyship didn’t want it under government scrutiny. In the case of the organisational directory, it didn’t exist because the people in the organisation didn’t want her ladyship scrutinising their private communications.

Johnson let his thumb scroll down the index until he found Charlotte’s secure telephone number. He typed her private number into his phone and then let his eyes rest on the screen for a moment while his thumb hovered above the final button. No other way, he thought, and then he pressed dial.

The phone rang.

Then it rang some more.

It was continuing to ring, and Johnson was just considering stopping and dialling again, when suddenly the ringing stopped, and he heard Charlottes voice on the other end. “Hello?” it said.

Johnson paused for a moment and considered the facts. Charlotte sounded out of breath, and he could clearly hear the sound of a stream behind her words. He filed these facts away for latter pursuit, and started to speak. “Devin has been possessed by an angel” he said.

He could feel the panic blossoming on the other side of the phone, “Oh my gods!” said Charlotte, “is he okay?

“He’s gone Catatonic” Johnson said, he didn’t like having to ask for help from someone half his age. “He needs you here” then after a brief internal struggle he added, “I haven’t been able to talk him out.”

I’ll be there, I’ll come, I’ll help” spluttered Charlotte, “Just tell me where you are.”

Johnson feed her the coordinates; he could now hear a whooshing sound and the thudding of running feet. It’s going to be a long trip if she is going to run the whole way, he thought.

He remembered something important that he should have told her. “Listen, Charlotte” he said, “There’s something important I’ve realised, I think that-“

But he never got any further. A huge spark arced from the plane and earthed itself in his ear; he dropped the phone in shock. There were sparks leaping from every metal surface in the jet, they lit the cabin with an unpleasant light, and they made the air fizz.

Devlin walked into the cabin. He was crackling with electricity, and his eyes were glowing with a harsh white light. “We have delayed too long” he said, his voice was still human, but now it had the certainty of a man who knows that if the world does not conform to his will by itself, then he can simply force it to. “We are going to continue our mission to capture Mr. Greg”

“Capture?” asked Johnson, who thought that this was a positive sign.

“And then we shall judge him, the unholy shall be burned until they are pure”

Johnson thought that this course of action would be likely to leave someone crisp, but not really pure. He attempted reason[1], “We don’t know where Mr. Greg is” he pointed out.

“We know where Mr. Tomson is.”

“That’s not exactly true, we know where the tracking device is, but that thing was heavy and unwieldy, he’s probably dropped it somewhere by now” said Johnson, he was surprised by how calm he felt; maybe he didn’t really expect to live through this.

Devlin seemed unimpressed, Johnson tried reason one last time. “We can’t follow the signal” he said, “The jet won’t fly without any wings.”

Devlin was perfectly still, but the electricity never stopped. Just when he thought that Devlin had achieved a particularly energetic state of catatonia, Devlin lifted his right arm. He put his hand palm first against the wall of the jet.

The sparks all around Johnson got a lot more intense; it was painful to touch anything, and he swore that the plane was glowing. He looked out of the windshield; the ground was getting further away.

“Why are we finding Mr. Tomson?” he asked, mostly to himself, but Devlin answered anyway.

“To extract the information we want” he said.

Sparking like a malfunctioning bug zapper, and moving like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water, the jet flew into the sunset.

[1] This was a bit unwise on Johnson part, everyone tries reasoning with the monster first, despite no one being able to remember it ever working

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