The Wolf’s Will – Scene 060

Scene Sixty

In which a bad decision is made.

Charlotte had excellent night vision. Even in the darkness of the cloud-covered night she could see the statue clearly in the middle of the square.

She had spent the best part of a day trying to find some alternative to taking the statue, but she had thought of nothing. What it came down to in the end was this; she wanted to stay with Tony Tony, and that would mean taking some risks, she couldn’t let him see her in her normal form.

No-one else was around. The village was still relying on candles for light, and it was a waste of candles to stay up late routinely. Everyone else was asleep; Charlotte had the village all to herself.

She ran for the statue. No one could possibly have seen her, even if they were looking out the window at this moment. Still, she didn’t feel comfortable out in the open.

She reached the statue and grabbed at it. It felt as though her arms were being wrenched out of their sockets. Ah, thought Charlotte, not my body, I’m not as strong as I’m used to. Charlotte let herself fall to a sitting position at the base of the statue. She had spent all her time wondering whether to steal the statue, and hadn’t really considered the actual mechanics of how.

Now that she thought about it, Charlotte wasn’t sure that she could have taken the statue away even with her strength. It was probably bolted to the ground, and she didn’t know how strong it was, she wouldn’t want to break it.

Charlotte wasn’t good at working to a goal, and she almost quit right there, but something made her keep going. It was a cold night, and she desperately wanted to snuggle in with Tony Tony, but she had to do this now.

Charlotte stood back up, and looked around. I’ll need to make some sort of pulley, she thought.

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