The Wolf’s Will – Scene 054

Scene Fifty Four

In which we get a chase scene

Greg hit the ground hard; he hadn’t been ready and hadn’t braced himself at all. His head bounced off the cobble stone floor and he felt his broken leg jar slightly.

“He’s here, I don’t believe it Johnson, he’s here!” said a voice above him.

Greg didn’t even wait for his vision to clear, he snapped his body around and felt his fist connect with something fleshy, and then he slapped the ground and ran.

He could feel his feet pounding on the ground, and he could hear the sound of his heart beating in his ears. He dodged around a grey haired man who filled the doorway ahead of him, looking shocked.

“Don’t let him get away!” said the first voice, which sounded as though it was chewing on a large plum. Greg moved automatically, up the stairs, down the corridor, through the kitchens.

His thought started to return to him and he turned down the corridor that the experienced students liked to send the new ones through. He dodged, ducked, dipped, dived, and dodged, and suddenly he was on the other side.

There was a cacophony of clanking armor behind him as his two pursuers had their progress impended by a lynch mob. Greg almost slowed down, but then he heard a thudding noise as one of the men made it through. That’s insane, Greg thought, I’ve never seen someone that determined before.

He reached a stair well and ran down three steps before just jumping clear over the edge. There has to be one here, he thought; let’s see him get through this. He was in another corridor, and one door was open.

There was the pentagram inside. Greg ran for it, his follower was about a second behind him. Greg crossed the circle, waving the basic protection runes in front of him. He made it to the other side without incident. Done it, he thought, pleased with himself. Then he turned around.

While it is very hard to cross a pentagram if you don’t know the protection runes, that isn’t to say that it’s impossible. Five students in black robes, and the Angel they were summoning all stared in amazement as Greg’s pursuer tried to push himself into the circle against the force of a modest hurricane.

The barriers are there for the user’s protection.

Greg didn’t want to see how this ended. He ran took several shortcuts and then he was running out of the entrance hall. He realised that Crazy Sven was running with him, “Where did you come from?” he asked

“Ah, Tis like you are, how you say? Bomb squad. You run, I run too”

Something smashed out of the tower, riding a pillar of fire and screaming like a carnivorous chainsaw. “Run faster!” Greg yelled.

Something short steped into their path. The dwarf pointed his axe at them. “Hello” it said, “My name is Ka’Ta’Ka’Ma’Ta’Ta’Ma’Ka’Ta’Ka, you killed my farther, prepare-“

Wondering when his life had gotten so weird, Greg dodged the Dwarf and kept running.

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