The Wolf’s Will – Scene 053

Scene Fifty Three

In which contact is made

When Tony Tony saw the ghostly image of Greg walking towards him, he dropped the log he was carrying in shock. The log rolled down the hill and spooked a chicken. The chicken flew away, knocking a loaf of cooling bread off of a window sill. The housewife saw what had happen to her bread and she ran to get it, throwing her peg bag over her shoulder and causing pegs to scatter all over the road. A group of children saw the pegs and ran towards them in excitement; they ran straight across the road, which meant that old Mr. Johnson had to swerve to avoid them. Mr. Johnson’s car was open top, so when he swerved to avoid the children, his old yellow cat flew out of the car. Tony Tony was completely transfixed by the approaching apparition, which is why he didn’t notice the flying cat until it hit him in the back of the head and took him to the ground.

When Tony Tony picked his head out of the dirt Greg was still there. He smiled and offered Tony Tony his hand; Tony Tony didn’t think he had ever seen him smile before. He reached up and tried to take Greg’s hand, but it was like grasping at air, or possibly a super model. Tony Tony let his eyes fall, “Is this real” he asked, he felt warm and light headed; he supposed that might be the result of the flying cat.

“Yes Tony Tony” said Greg “it’s real. You should get up and try not to be so obvious with your speaking; you’re the only one who can see me.”

“You know” said Tony Tony out of the corner of his mouth, “You’re really not helping your ‘This is real case’.” But then he stood up anyway

“Do you know where Free Flower is?” asked Greg

“Hold on” said Tony Tony, “My question first. Why on earth didn’t you call me, I mean it must have been a week since we got separated, and you didn’t even think to call?”

Greg raised his eyebrows, it looked like a deliberate action “I think our communication is being monitored” he said, “Some of the things that have happened to us have been a little too convenient for my taste.”

Tony Tony knew that was the answer, hell he had even thought of it by himself. He didn’t want to accept Greg’s explanation, but he did so. “Next Question,” he said, “How you are a ghost now, are you a ghost now?”

“Ghosts aren’t real Tony Tony”

“Said the vampire to the reporter”

Greg smiled and sighed, “All right, the way I’m doing this is by way of that crystal you keep wearing.”

Tony Tony touched the yellow stone around his neck, “Oh yeh” he said, “I keep forgetting that I have this thing. Wait, since when do you know about scying crystals?”

“I don’t” said Greg, he put a lot of emphasis on the next words, “I still don’t trust them. This little stunt needs an entire specialised room and the supervision of an expert to pull off”

“You know an expert?” asked Tony Tony, Raising his eyebrows

“I know the expert” replied Greg, raising his own eye brows in a slightly mocking manner. “But to get back to my question is Free Flower alright?”

Tony Tony chuckled, “I think it was stupid of us to have ever worried about her” he said, and then he told Greg the story of how Free Flower had single handily fended off and killed a small army of Dwarfs. Greg was clearly impressed; Tony Tony thought that the story was likely to become a favourite of his at cocktail parties for years to come. “What about you” he asked, “What happened to you after the ambush?”

Greg smiled, and then told Tony Tony one of the strangest stories he had ever heard, it involved a man named Crazy Sven, who was apparently a crazy surgeon, but not a crazy German. Greg even rolled up his pant leg to show where his broken leg had apparently been splinted with duct tape.

Tony Tony shook his head, “Your man sounds like a nutter’ he said.

Greg nodded; he didn’t seem prepared to argue.

“What’s the new plan?” Tony Tony asked

Greg looked up, and suddenly he was the hard faced strategist that Tony Tony had known. “We can’t meet up” he said, “Not if we’re being watched. I’ll have to lay low by myself. What did you say you were doing right now?”

Tony Tony told him about the village, and how he had seen it burning and blamed himself.

“Good” said Greg,”Stay and help out, I’ll find some way to contact you again if I need you again. And Tony Tony, the one really important thing I need you to remember is-“

Greg lurched as though he had been tackled, and the image faded.

That was bad timing thought Tony Tony.

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