The Wolf’s Will – Scene 052

Scene Fifty Two

In which our hero gets mixed up in magic.

It looked like the inside of a computer system, Greg thought, a computer system designed by alien SciFi nerds with too much time on their hands.

Louise’s private lab gleamed and blinked with glowing lines everywhere. Had it been anyone else then Greg would have just assumed that it was showing off for the benefit of tourists, but Louise didn’t show off.. All the Glowing and blinking must have a purpose therefore, though Greg would be dammed if he could work out what it was.

Louses was standing in the centre of the room, she was wearing a very fetching outfit made from silver fabric and glowing blue lines. She was mumbling to herself, and Greg knew better than to interrupt.

Greg didn’t trust magic, at all, it was one of the reasons that he had failed to make it as a mage. He didn’t really trust the scying crystals either, no matter how frequently they turned out to be safe. Magic had a way of saving itself up and biting when you didn’t expect it; it was a living thing, you couldn’t be sure how it would react.

Still the scying crystals had been Louise’s project, she had forced enough order into the unrestrained mayhem of the E.M.L to actually make it do something useful, she was the expert and if anyone could control them, it was her.

Louise finished mumbling and lowered her arms, she turned slowly to Greg. “It’s ready” she said, “Now tell me again what I’m looking for.”

Greg blinked twice, “It’s a yellow crystal. It will be around his neck. You still have his Cell phone number in your head?”

Louses nodded, “I have a question for you Greg” she asked, “If you have his cell phone number them why don’t you just call him?”

“I want this call to be private, Louise; I don’t want anyone else eavesdropping”

“Are you going to expect me to cover my ears and hum quietly in the corner?” It sounded like a joke, but it was really hard to tell with Louise.

“Just make the call.” Greg said, “Please.”

Louise nodded and turned back to the centre of the room, “Do you know what colour shirt he will be wearing?” she called back over her shoulder.

“Blue, I think” said Greg

Louise nodded, and raised her arms again. The air in the room suddenly felt a lot heavier.

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