The Wolf’s Will – Scene 051

Scene Fifty One

In which Alpha states her terms.

Charlotte ran through the woods. She was panicking now.

The hair which flicked in her face as she ran was turning from copper back to dull silver. She checked in every dark crevice she passed, but she must not have found what she was looking for since she kept running. She could feel her body starting to slim, it made her feel heaver somehow.

Finally she reached a huge cave with long streamers of moss falling down from the top of the mouth. With a huge broken smile on her face, she ran directly in. Something fluttered down past her face and she grabbed it with both hands. Shoving her prize in front of her face, she said to it, “I need to speak to Miss Alpha, please”

The bat’s head twisted around, looking for escape. But then it stopped, and it looked directly at her, and its eyes filled with far more cunning than a twelve pound flying rodent should possess. The cave suddenly filled with bats. They swarmed on Charlotte, like bathwater after the plug has been pulled out, and then suddenly, they all collapsed together, and Miss Alpha was standing there.

“You’re changing back” she said

Charlotte was panting, but she remembered her manners, “Yes, Miss Alpha” she said, “And thank you for seeing me, it is an honour.”

“That’s alright, Miss Epsilon” Said Miss Alpha, “Do you want me to change you again?”

Charlotte nodded, she knew that the right time to withdraw from the mission was probably now; she didn’t think that he knew where to find Mr. Greg, but she didn’t want it to end just yet.

Miss Alpha raised her hand again, palm out. Then she stopped, “Do you have chocolate?” she asked, “I like chocolate.”

Charlotte had been expecting Miss Alpha to lay out her terms since the bats had started to swarm; still chocolate wasn’t what she had been expecting. She tried to think what Miss Alpha had meant, and then it came back to her; there was a chocolate statue it the centre square of the town she had helped. She remembered being told that it had survived the fires because in was never-melt chocolate, a gift from the magic league. She wondered what Miss Alpha wanted with a magic chocolate statue, probably not my place to know, she thought.

“I can get it for you,” she said, “The next time I need a top up on the appearance spell.”

“That’s good” said Miss Alpha, and she pushed forward with the palm of her hand, like someone trying to move a fridge. Charlotte felt a huge surge of energy flow through her. She could feel her body filling out and her hair tingling as it changed form. She noticed that all her hair had changed. Ah well, she thought, I had told him I was a hairdresser.

She felt the energy of the Spell fade, and she fell to her knees on the floor of the cave. She was grinning a little bit, although she couldn’t have told you why. She looked up, but the cave empty, and Miss Alpha was gone.

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