The Wolf’s Will – Scene 050

Scene Fifty

In which our hero lays in bed

Greg knew that the sun was probably high in the sky at this point, but it didn’t bother him much; He was deep in the structure of the tower, but even if he could’ve seen the sun, it wouldn’t have bothered him; Louise had said that she wouldn’t be able to see him until after lunch.

He was in one of the old dormitories – he had forgotten the name – and even if the sheets smelled a little musty they were comfortable.

He did remember the unofficial name of this Dorm. When he had been a student they had called it the ‘Dead Dorm’, and most of them had avoided it. They were avoiding it now, which meant that Greg had spent the night, and morning in a deep, relaxing peace.

He knew he should probably get up and go to do something, at the very least he should track down Crazy Sven and check that he wasn’t getting into trouble, but he felt that that could wait a little bit, five minutes should be enough. Maybe a little bit more than five minutes.

Time passed.

Greg remembered why they called it the dead dorm, but he had never understood why everyone seemed to avoid it. Certainly it must be disturbing to have your magic switched off as soon as you entered the room, but it wasn’t like they were relying on their magic anyway; no one with any sense relied on magic, it was just too unreliable[1]

Greg noticed a sudden flash of light outside the doors of the dorm.

That would be McLarkey’s buzzbell. He remembered that one; he didn’t think it was likely that he would ever forget. Clark McLarkey had been a teacher in Greg’s brief time as part of the league. He had been so sick of students getting up late that he had arranged for a magic shock to run through every bed in the league tower at a certain time in the morning. The students weren’t happy about this of course, but they didn’t have the ability to remove it, and all those with the ability to remove the spell were either too busy or too amused. After a while it had become a tradition, and everyone just got used to getting out of and back into bed at a certain time in the morning.

McLarkey’s buzzbell couldn’t reach him in here, of course, but it did let Greg know how late in the morning it was getting. He should really get up soon. Any minute now.

[1] The world is of course filled with people who lack sense, and an extraordinary amount of last words had run along the lines of, “Never fear, I shall be safe, all thanks to my magiAhhhhhhh-guc-“)

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