The Wolf’s Will – Scene 046

Scene Forty Six

In which some old faces appear.

The sun was starting to set over the ocean. Devlin could feel the Dragon they were riding on start to buck a little, like a man who is twitchy after spending the whole day driving. They go nuts around sunset, he remembered. That had caused his uncle a lot of problems. Devlin didn’t think it really mattered anymore; they had lost the jet.

He had kept it flying for as long as he could, but eventually the wings had torn clear off, and they had lost the jet. That meant that the mission was over; the jet had been their edge, the one huge advantage they had had over everyone else.

But it was gone, and that meant that the mission was basically over, and that meant he couldn’t impress Charlottes mother, and that meant no wedding.

They hadn’t managed to get the dragon to change its course or height since they had bailed out and landed on it, at least if it bucked long enough then they would eventually reach ground level, or water level in this case.

Devlin looked at Johnson, the man hadn’t said a word since the jet had gone down, but then again neither had he. He tried to talk to him, “I blame you for this” he said.

As a conversational gambit, it wasn’t exactly the best, but then it had flowed so naturally off of his tongue, and it had the added benefit of being true.

Johnson said nothing; he had been sitting on the edge of the dragon, staring down with his back to Devlin, for the last few hours.

Devlin thought about the sun, sunset to sunset, he thought, that made it more than a few hours, and food was running out. Devlin was sure that the twitching he could feel under the dragons skin was getting stronger, one way or another, he thought, it will all be over soon.

He stood up and spread his arms. He imagined himself as a tragic hero; Lost to a world which didn’t understand him. Thinking these kinds of sad thoughts made him feel a lot better. He shut his eyes and breathed deeply through his nose, savouring the smell of the ocean breeze.

Then something extremely fragrant blocked his nose. “Wooooo dude” said a strange voice by his ear, “Surfing a bucking dragon, that’s a crispy stunt dude.”

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