The Wolf’s Will – Scene 043

Scene Forty Three

In which our hero gets active again

Greg was in a picturesque, village when the battle had started, but even over a mountain range it is hard to miss a swarm of dragons attacking a jet.

He watched the battle with mild interest; he was sure that there would be a story behind it, and he suspected that Tony Tony would feature in the story somehow. But he didn’t see how it would affect him directly. He supposed that it might draw attention away from him, which was always a good thing.

Crazy Sven was still in the small town equivalent of a pawn shop; trying to invent a legitimate way to find himself in possession of seventy wedding rings, which were all engraved with different names. “I am being a, how you say? Man whore. They are of the gold, you want or not?”

Greg was still thinking about how to get in contact with Tony Tony and Free Flower, and he was having trouble coming up with a way which wouldn’t lead interested parties directly to him. He was also starting to get bored with the jet plane/dragon battle, and he started to play with the dwarf horn that he had hung around his neck.

His wandering eyes fixed on a vertical stripe which stuck into the sky like a needle poking the setting sun. He had thought of them of course, but he had hoped he would think of something else; going anywhere near that tower was not something he ever wanted to do. But it had been almost a week, and he hadn’t managed to think of anything else.

He turned around and called out to Crazy Sven, “Hey, how do you feel about a road trip?”

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