The Wolf’s Will – Scene 042

Scene Forty Two

In which Chaos reigns

Tony Tony didn’t think he had moved so fast in his whole life. When the first dragon had hit he had been running before he had even registered what had happened. He guessed that he had to be the furthest away from the camp now, and it was only now that he risked a look back.

It was a truly great battle, worthy of an epic poem. The jet ducked and weaved and spun and dived, and fired missiles; that wasn’t a minor fact. While the Dragons swarmed.

On the face of things the Dragons were the clear winners, they were more mobile, and there was more of them, but to Tony Tony’s great surprise, they weren’t winning. The pilot of the jet was putting it through some maneuvers that seemed to fly in the face of the laws of physics. It was very impressive, but Tony Tony knew that there was no way that he could keep it up forever, if nothing else it looked as though the wings would tear off soon.

With a shock Tony Tony realized that he recognized both the jet and the dragons. The jet had been there in the Amazon, it had disgorged a fake FBI agent, who had tried to take him in. The dragons were the same ones that he had climbed over for years on end at twenty thousand feet. That angry cloud behind them, which seemed to be chasing the jet, must contain the Dryads, he realized. He wasn’t happy with either of those groups being anywhere near him, so he kept running.

“Wait, wait, wait for me” called a woman’s voice behind him.

Tony Tony turned around, and saw a copper haired woman running up behind him. He considered running faster; his trust reflex seemed a little strained nowadays. But he had left the camp so fast that he had forgotten to pick his bag up, while this woman seemed to have had the presence of mind to bring food along. Plus, she was curvy, and even in a life or death situation Tony Tony still liked to consult with his secondary head. He stopped running, and let the woman catch up with him.

“Hi,” she said, panting a little “I’m Alice”

Tony Tony nodded, “That’s nice, I’m Tony Tony. Tell me Alice, how fast can you run?”

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