The Wolf’s Will – Scene 040

Scene Forty

In which an order is given

Charlotte was watching the vigilante camp when her cell phone went off. She answered it, already knowing who it would be.

Charlotte, are you in France?

Yes, Mam

I’m sending you new coordinates now; they’re for a little peasant army camp in the Transylvanian mountains. I need you to get there right now.

Yes Mam

I want you to go in there undercover; one of our targets is there, but it’s not our main target. I need you to work some information out of him. I want you to see if he knows where the primary target is, and then stick close to him if you think you have a chance of meeting the primary target yoursellf. Devlin and Johnson can’t see enough from that silly jet of theirs.

Yes Mam

Good girl, hop to it.

Yes Mam

The phone went dead. Charlotte put it away and thought a string of unpleasant words. Now she had a problem; Her ladyship had no idea that Charlotte had seen Tony Tony close up before this point. It was all very well for her to say, go in under cover, but Charlotte knew she would be recognized in seconds. She thought through the problem, there seemed to be only one way out.

Wishing that she knew more than one top level vampire, Charlotte prepared for an unpleasant trip.

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