The Wolf’s Will – Scene 038

Scene Thirty Eight

In which our heroes are observed

Lord Greenbadger sipped some variety of fruit punch; he had found it in the back of the fridge and it hadn’t changed color, so he had decided that it was probably safe to drink.

He was sitting in his chair in front of his laptop. Slouched might be a better word actually, with his legs tucked in so tightly that his chin was actually resting on his knee. The recognized the picture that the team in the Amazon was sending home. Well well well, he thought, Ernest, you’ve got sloppy.

He remembered being asked to take part in Ernest’s logging program, but he had turned him down. Now with the benefit of hindsight he was glad he had. He would have liked to have said that it was due to good planning that he had opted out of the logging scheme, but really it was dumb luck.

Letting them get a picture of you, he thought, that’s going to cost you, Ernest. Lord Greenbadger, had considered it really unfortunate that the second team had chosen to stay in the Amazon, but this was so entertaining that he was almost glad they had.

Still they were now nothing more than a sideshow, and he had bigger things to worry about.

He thought about Greg. Devlin and Johnson had lost the man. He had heard his cousin yelling at Johnson about putting the tracking device on the wrong man. Lord Greenbadger was very impressed that Johnson had managed to plant a tracking device at all, given that he was about a good kilometer away when Devlin had been talking to them.

Lord Greenbadger didn’t think that he Greg would chose to put in an appearance now; it wouldn’t fit the pattern, but he would want to get in contact with the other two. After all, he would want to stop them worrying. Thanks to the diligent efforts of Devlin and Johnson, he knew the location of Mr. Tomson, and it was possible that they had located the girl as well; Lord Greenbadger hadn’t been able to dig up much information on her.

Lord Greenbadger didn’t really smile; he had had a busy day yesterday and he was still very tired, but he did nod in a self satisfied way. If he did choose to contact either of them, then he would be wonderfully placed to profit.

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