The Wolf’s Will – Scene 036

Scene Thirty Six

In which one of our heroes recaps.

Tony Tony let himself wake up slowly. He felt very relaxed, and warm, that may have been the alcohol. He had spent the night in one of the greatest parties he had ever attended, fueled, he suspected, by the news that at least one of his companions, and possibly two had survived.

He was sitting around the embers of the campfire. When he looked around he could see some of the hardcore trying to continue that party, but most people were like him; half passed out, and relying on something other than their own two feet for support. He looked around for Free Flower, but he couldn’t spot her anywhere. That wasn’t really a surprise though; she had kept deserting the party during the night, to run drills with the army’s sword master.

Tony Tony stretched and sat upright. He suspected that he should be aching; he hadn’t been able to get a good night’s sleep on bare ground since he had spent a week reporting on the Lizardmen revolt in the Congo. He put his numb, painless feeling down to the alcohol, and prepared to feel the backlash of his sleeping arrangements later in the day.

Tony Tony’s mouth was dry so he went to get water. Reddrummer, was passed out over the nearest water barrel, and Tony Tony left her alone. Apparently the story of how she had come to find Free Flower was an interesting one. Tony Tony had been told it by Gileppi [1]. Apparently when the Dwarfs had attacked, she hadn’t run; she had fought back against 500 to one odds, with a rapier no less!

Tony Tony thought that the whole thing sounded like part of a bad movie, and he supposed that someone was adding artistic license somewhere along the line. Still she was alive, and by her own testimony Greg had managed to get away as well; Tony Tony was surprised to realize that this was a huge weight off his mind..

According to Gileppi, when Reddrummer had turned up to investigate the huge massing of the Tak’Dek forces she had found the Dwarfs having to run uphill to get to her. The huge party Tony Tony had just attended was apparently set up in celebration of the wiping out of a large portion of the enemy forces, and the capture of many modern, high efficiency guns.

Tony Tony, found a barrel of water that looked halfway clear, then he dunked his head in it, meaning it wasn’t very clear anymore. Dunking his head didn’t really do anything, but it was something he had seen a half-giant do many years ago, and something he had always wanted to do.

When he looked up, water dripping from his hair, he noticed that someone had set up a poster on the side of a multicolored tent. It depicted something which looked very much like the leader Dwarf doing something anatomically impossible with his helmet. Tony Tony grinned warmly. I’ve found one of my party, he thought, and I know that the other one has a good chance at being alive now. Things are looking up.

[1] Who, it turned out, really could drink whiskey by the pint

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