The Wolf’s Will – Scene 034

Scene Thirty Four

In which one of our heroes joins a party

It was a party, Tony Tony was disappointed. He had somehow imagined that the army would be a group of serious men sitting around a campfire, talking in hushed tones about the horrors of war. But it was a party; there was really no other name for it.

Still, Tony Tony had had to adapt to some rather extreme things in his time and the experience had left him a very adaptable man. It was a good party; there was dancing, and women wearing not enough clothing, and music, and sword juggling. There was also quite a lot of alcohol, Tony Tony noticed, that settled the question of whether this was a frequent occurrence; they were clearly celebrating something.

A tall, striking woman with long wolf-like ears strode up to the two of them, Tony Tony thought she looked familiar, “Goat fiddler!” she said in a delighted tone of voice, “You stopped in just in time, can you still drink whiskey in pints?”

Gileppi didn’t seem to be even remotely confused by this, “As you well know Reddrummer, I have never even attempted something so blatantly impossible”

Reddrummer put her arm around his shoulder, “Well then this sounds like the perfect time to start, old man. Who’s your cute friend?”

Tony Tony took the opportunity and introduced himself, “You must be the beautiful werewolf who leads this army”

Reddrummer laughed, it was the kind of laugh that a woman develops if she spends too much time around heavily armed men; it was quite pleasant, once you started adjusting your stance to brace for it.”Beautiful eh? Gileppi you trained this one well.” She turned her head and yelled out to the surrounding environment, “Somebody get this man a small cigar!”

At least three people, who Tony Tony noticed all seemed to represent different species, appeared out of nowhere to offer Gileppi a cigarette, and again Tony Tony noticed that Gileppi seemed to take this all in his stride.

“So, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?” asked Reddrummer to Gileppi.

“My friend Tony Tony,” said Gileppi, indicating at Tony Tony, “Was in a group of people who were attacked by the Tak’Dek”; and it was his hope that you could tell him what happened to them”

Reddrummer nodded, suddenly she looked a lot older “Thats the worst part of my Job” she said, she look sadly at Tony Tony, “Would you like a cigarette too?” she asked

“I don’t smoke” said Tony Tony, “I was travelling with a man and a woman, and we were on the Transylvanian mountains when we were attacked”. He knew he was being hasty, even rude, but he couldn’t help it, he was so close to the answer.

“When did you say this was?” asked Reddrummer

“Early morning, two days ago, the woman-“

“Was Tall? Tanned? Brunet?” said Reddrummer, looking astonished


“Carrying a sword?”

“Yes!” said Tony Tony, who wished she would get to the point.

A smile crept across Reddrummer’s face, “Nice ass?” she asked

“Yes” said Tony Tony, he felt buoyed, that wasn’t a description that tends to get applied to a corpse

Reddrummer reached up and gently turned his head to the right, and there, by the campfire, was Free Flower.

He ran to greet her while behind him Gileppi smiled gently. “That’s very lucky” said Gileppi, “How did she get here?”

Reddrummer pressed a beer into his hand, “Let me tell you a story”, she said.

She began to talk; eventually the sun set.

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