The Wolf’s Will – Scene 033

Scene Thirty Three

In which we discover that our Antagonist is not as good at dealing with frustration as our hero

Devlin was feeling frustrated. It was like the Amazon all over again, except now he was in a position of power and was completely unable to use it, actually forget the word like, it was exactly the same as what happened in the Amazon.

“Why don’t we just take him in?” asked Devlin again, “I mean, he’s right down there and he doesn’t even realise that were up here.”

Johnson didn’t bother to answer, his partner had been asking variations of the same question all day long, and he had been hearing variations of the same answer all day long as well.

“I know he’s not our primary target and we need to wait until he leads us back to Mister Greg” he continued, “but if we were to bring him in now maybe we could convince him to just tell us where he is”

Johnson didn’t give any indication that he had even heard, he was just reading a book and checking the screens whenever he came to a boring paragraph.

“And no matter what you say, I’m not still angry about what happened in the Amazon” he seemed to consider it important that he got this point across. “It would be unprofessional to seek revenge on someone just because they were rude.”

Johnson responded this time; he swivelled in his chair and started to speak, “The screen” he said “Look at the scene”

Devlin did look, “What is that?” he said, “Some kind of party?”

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