The Wolf’s Will – Scene 025

Scene Twenty Five

In which one of our antagonists has a good mope.

The day slipped past for Devlin, and before he knew it, it was sunset. He sat on what looked very much like a gun turret and let the heat seep into him.

Her footsteps were completely silent, but he knew she was there; all men in love have this power. She stood behind him and wrapped her arms around him, “Bad day, honey?” she said

“Worse than you can imagine” he replied; he let himself fall back, resting himself against her, “I’m glad you’re here Charlotte.”

She ran her fingers through his hair, “Tell me all about it”, she said

“They got away. I had them right there, honest to god, right there; but Mr. Tomson knew who I was working for, and they just walked away.” He could feel himself sinking slightly just talking about it.

“He knew who you were working for? How could he know that?”

“I don’t know”, moaned Devlin, ”I wish I knew but I don’t, I’ve been wondering about it all day.”

He felt Charlotte sigh, she started to rub his hand, and he found it relaxing. “How bad is it, are they gone for good?”

“No. Apparently Jonson managed to put a tracking device on one of them while I was standing there like a moron, I don’t really know how he managed that. We’ve just been watching the readout all day long”

“Where are they headed?”

“South east; it looks like their heading for Transylvania, which means that we utterly failed.”He paused, and then said the next bit very quickly. “And it also means that Jonson expecting lethal authorization to come though any minute now, Charlotte I’ve never killed anyone before!”

He felt glad she was still holding him, “I don’t know what I’m going to have to do when we catch up with them”

“Look into my eyes”, she said. He did so, she had beautiful blue eyes. “What do you want to do?” she asked.

Devlin suddenly felt that the world was simplified, he had his goal, and he knew he could focus on it. “I want to finish my mission” he said, “I want to win your mothers approval, and I want to marry you.”

“And when the time comes to complete your mission, what are you going to do”

“Whatever is necessary.”, Devlin could feel his confidence growing, life is always easier with a plan

“But, you can’t do that tonight, so what are you going to do instead?”

“Get a good night’s sleep”

He felt her sigh, and she squeezed him tighter, pressing herself against him. “What are you going to do first?”

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