The Wolf’s Will – Scene 023

Scene Twenty Three

In which our heroes receive a warning

The sun wasn’t even out yet, everything was dark.

Tony Tony liked to rise with the sun. Many people took that to mean that he could somehow go with less sleep than the people around him, but that wasn’t it; sun rise was just the time he was set to wake up.

So he was annoyed when someone shook him awake and he looked up to see stars above him. “Go away, Greg”, he grunted, “It’s still morning”.

“Get up!” whispered a voice which clearly wasn’t Greg, “I need to tell you something important.”

There was a lot of sleep deprivation in-between Tony Tony’s instincts and quick action, but they drove through it like a hydraulic ram. With a ripping sensation in his brain his danger sense came to the fore,. Tony Tony’s whole body was tensed like a spring, and then he relaxed it; he knew he didn’t have to fight; something just wasn’t right with that idea.

The figure lifted away from him, and hurried into the jungle. There were still some lights from the numerous small fires burning on the wreck of the beetle, and Tony Tony took the opportunity to get a good look at the figure. But it was no good; the figure was wearing a full traveling robe, pulled low down in front of the face. Wondering where a person found a full traveling cloak nowadays, Tony Tony followed.

They had chosen to sleep in the middle of a clearing. The clearing had been burnt there by some sort of flaming liquid, but they had decided that the risk of toxicity was lower than the risk of sleeping outside in the Amazon rainforest. Greg walked a little bit out of the clearing, and the figure was waiting for him there.

“Listen”, the figure said; using the deep, flat tones which women use when they are trying to disguise their voice as a man’s, “There’s a woman in Transylvania, she’s your enemy, she’s the one who crashed your plane over Australia”

“Right?” said Tony Tony, feeling justifiable cynical.

“Yes” said the ‘not a woman’, “She doesn’t want Greg at the reading of the will”

That caught Greg’s attention. “That so?” he said

“Yes, she’s sending men after you, they’ll be here soon”

“Really?” said Tony Tony, looking around.

“Yes, now listen, you can’t go with them, whatever happens don’t go with them”

“Ok” said Tony Tony, “but how will I know when they’re here?”

The heavily robed woman pointed over his shoulder. He turned and saw the huge plane, sweeping the debris of the beetle with a spotlight. “Ah”, he said.

“Don’t go with them,” said the woman anxiously.

“Ok!”, said Tony Tony, getting into the spirit of things.

The woman turned to go, but then spun back.

“And don’t hurt them.”

“Ok!”, said Tony Tony.

The woman turned to go, but then spun back.

“And don’t tell anyone you saw me.”

“Ok”, said Tony Tony

The woman turned to go, but then spun back, grabbed him by the collar, pressed herself against him, and kissed him, hard. Tony Tony wondered why she had ever pretended to be a man in the first place.

Then the woman broke away, hurried into the jungle, and was gone.

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