The Wolf’s Will – Scene 022

Scene Twenty Two

In which we learn little because it’s a very short scene.

Johnson was watching the sunset when Devlin barreled out of the jet, “They’re in the Amazon”, he yelled.

Johnson sighed, “Let me finish my coffee first”, he said.

“Our orders were to take off as soon as we knew where we were going”, said Devlin

“It will take us all night to fly to the Amazon, an extra few minutes won’t hurt”

“Nevertheless, we have our orders”, said Devlin, in tone of voice that seemed to suggest that this settled the argument.

Johnson sighed again, he was beginning to wish that he had been partnered with someone a bit older, less eager to prove himself, and most of all, less love struck. He drained the rest of his coffee in one gulp, “Coffee’s finished” he said, “Let’s go.”

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