The Wolf’s Will – Scene 019

Scene Nineteen

In which our heroes have a familiar experience.

When morning came, Greg opened his eyes and stared at the bottom of the bunk above him. He was a prisoner; this time there was no ambiguity. Greg felt annoyed, “We’ll walk right in, the man says. “Honored diplomats, the man says.”

Tony Tony’s voice came from the bunk above him, “look will you leave it Greg, I said I was sorry. Anyway it’s always worked for me before”

“Yes, but I bet you were always wearing a clean suit before”

“My suit is clean”, said Tony Tony, sounding indignant, and Greg had to admit that it was, he had seen Tony Tony, painstakingly washing his suit in their room’s sink.

“Less wrinkled then”, said Greg. But he knew that it wasn’t really Tony Tony’s fault, and he left him alone.

The two men lay in silence. There wasn’t much to listen to this deep in the beetle, but there was the white noise from the light, and somewhere, the dripping of a tap. Since they hadn’t been given a tap or anything like it, Greg wondered if the sound was being piped into the cells to irritate the inmates, if it was, then it was working.

“Free Flower was right behind us when we landed, right?” asked Tony Tony.

Greg was very happy to have something else to focus on. “Yes, I think she was”

“Well they didn’t take her in with us; do you think the woman’s prison is in another part of the beetle?”

Greg thought about this, “These cells probably don’t get much use, way out here.” He said. “So there wouldn’t really be a need for separate gender cells”.

“Then she’s probably still free.”

Greg realized that it wasn’t a question, he answered anyway. “They probably wouldn’t put her in the same cell as us, but yeh, if they had caught her we would have heard them outside.”

“So is that the plan? We’re just waiting for her to rescue us?”

“It’s not the manliest option, but yeh. I don’t think we could escape from here so we’re basically waiting for someone else to do something.”

Tony Tony shifted in the bunk above, “I’m not so sure about that ‘can’t escape’ thing. Remember when we ended up in that Turkish prison together?”

“I thought we swore never to mention that again.”

“Ok then, how about the time we were in Scott base, and the people there ended up locking us in a store cupboard, ‘for our own protection’. The point I’m trying to make is that this is definitely not the first time we have been in prison, and it wouldn’t be the first time we would’ve escaped either.”

Greg let his eyes search the room, taking in the bullet proof, one way glass which served as their door, the toilet which had to be flushed from outside their cell, and most of all, the thick, thick walls which didn’t make a sound when you hit them, “Somehow,” he said, ”I don’t think it will be that easy”

“So, we wait?”

“We wait”

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